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adult-class-4Ballet is one of the classic dances that dated back to 1500s. it has endured centuries and up until to this day, ballet has become part of our society as one of the most beautiful kind of expressing ourselves through our body.
Taking ballet classes normally start between the age of five and seven because during this time, a child’s body is still soft which makes it easier for them to adjust and follow the gymnastic steps of ballet. However, others have decided to take up ballet in a late age because  they discovered their passion in a later time of their lives. Due to their age, most of them are discouraged thinking that ballet is only best learned during childhood.
If you’re thinking of taking ballet in a late age, you have come to the right place. The tips that you’ll see below will help you in taking that step to get you on your way to become a prima ballerina.

First, look for a class.
You might be very excited to wear your ballet shoes and dance around tip- toed but you need first to find a studio to have formal lessons and proper training. Also, the studio will be a perfect venue for you to practice and the guidance of your instructor will definitely help in achieving the perfect poses.
When searching for a specific class, it’ll be easier to consult our friend, Google. You can easily find ballet classes around your town or city. Some ballet classes have titles such as “beginner’s ballet”, “ballet 101” and the like. It’s better to take on those cues and take a class in a specific. If it turns out that you don’t like a specific school or instructor, don’t lose heart. There are a lot of schools that are offering ballet classes. Just keep in mind that having one instructor for the whole ballet course is much better as he /she will be able to get to know you better and assist you better.

Prepare your ballet clothes

Just like what the saying goes, “being prepared is half the battle” so be prepared with the right clothing and shoes for your ballet class. For children, it’s easier as their schools are already providing the uniform for the classes but as for adults, instructors are quite lenient as long as it still suits the environment and the ballet moves that you’ll be doing.
Other dance shops can help you get a complete set of ballet clothing that you’ll be needing. You can ask for their advice or you can research on your own which clothes will best suit your body comfortably.

Get ready for this first formal leap
After all the preparation, you’re first class is just right around the corner. You might think that trying out some ballet moves will be better than to come to class with no idea at all. Wrong.
Though it’s okay and nice to watch some ballet shows, it’s better not to try it on your own. Since you’re lacking the proper knowledge on how to do a certain pose, you might end up injuring yourself and worse, you’ll not be able to take that class after all. Keep your pre- class movements to light stretching and warm- up routine.


Attend the First class
It’s important that you arrive at your class early. You don’t want to tire yourself on your way to the class just because you’re running out of time, do you? Also, you might need to find your room first and getting there late will surely put you in a bad start.
You don’t have to worry about competition as adult ballet class tend to more friendly. In taking a spot in a barre, don’t forget to be polite and ask first if a certain is spot is already taken. Some of the learners are using the same barre spot so it’s better to ask first to avoid invading their place.

The most important of all is have fun! Ballet dancing is a graceful act of expressing one’s self and expressing yourself should not feel like a chore.

Do you have any tips that you can share for ballet beginners? Sound your thoughts in the comments below!

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