Apr 262016

I can’t wait for Music Under the Stars in Seattle. It’s a free event in the summer that multiple locations in Seattle. I bring the whole family for nice picnic to really enjoy this time. As a pianist who loves classical music, this a perfect way to introduce classical music to my family. When we first moved to Seattle, we brought with us our beautiful piano. It was actually quite difficult to find reliable people to move our piano for us and I called a few places to determine what is a decent piano moving cost in Seattle. I went with Quick Pianos cause they were “quick” and also provided excellent care for my piano. So in order to introduce classical music to my kids, typically I would play the piano at home while the kids were either playing or running around.

Again, I know this is kind of rant and I can’t stress how awesome Music Under the Stars is because it’s just an awesome way for our family to spend time together. Plus the Seattle Chamber are amazing musicians! I put some of the details below.

Music Under The Stars — Free

Each evening begins at 7:15pm (7:oopm at Freeway Park) with live chamber music performed by an outstanding student ensemble, and continues at 8:00pm with KING-FMs live broadcast, direct from Benaroya.

List of Parks & Dates:
Delridge Playfield in West Seattle – Tuesday, July 5 & Monday July 11, 18 & 25
Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill – Wednesday, July 6, 13 & 20
Freeway Park in Downtown Seattle – Friday, July 8, 15, 22 & 29 & Saturday, July 30
Columbia Park in Columbia City – Friday, July 8, 15, 22 & 29


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Apr 152016

Don’t be late for the non-stop dance party that happens every night at the fabulous Studebaker’s.  Get ready for the nostalgia and neon of a high spirited nightclub that takes you to a time and place where the fun doesn’t stop!

From the sounds of motown to retro to old school, Studebaker’s serves up the beaches biggest party.

Studebakers’ spins America’s favorite music and features the Studebopper dancers along with Myrtle Beach’s zaniest D.J.’s.  So whether you’re 18 or 80 or anywhere in between come join us tonight and every night.

We guarantee you’ll have so much fun you’ll swear ther’s a law against it!

Aug 022016

Dance LessonDuring the recent years, dance fitness has blown up. The recent craze is to learn Zumba or Ballet barre lessons. However, great dancing takes time and careful technique. Whether you are willing to go for freestyle dance lessons or just want to learn dance lessons for wedding, you should be sure that instructor teaches you the right moves and steps. This is the reason why finding the best dance lessons is the very important.

The most challenging task is to get your first step right, i.e. to find the best lesson or finding the place that offers you the best dancing lessons. When you have come up with finding the ideal dancing lessons for you, learning the coveted styles becomes easy and comfortable. As a novice, you should pay full attention on the following features that will help you in identifying the right dance lessons as that suits your requirement.

Understand the Styles First:

When you are so much enthusiastic to get benefited from the dance lessons, it is always important to know about the various styles before taking up the dancing lessons for a specific dance style. You should know that there are so many dance styles such as ballroom dance style, social dance, Latin dance, dance lessons for wedding, and many more. Apart from that there are numerous dance forms too. Without deciding upon the ideal dance style that is close to your heart, it is really difficult to get benefited from any dance lessons.

Check out the Size of the Class:

The size of the class is another factor that attracts the attention of the new beginner as when they explore different opportunities in order to find out the best dance lessons. Size of the class is really important as it imparts instructions pertaining to the dance style chosen by the enthusiast. If the class is small, it is very easy to get personal attention for the enthusiasts. As a result learner is quick to grab all the steps and moves.

Location of the Class:

Although the transport system may be good, it is always important to find out the dance classes in your vicinity. To get benefited from the dance lessons, the beginners should choose the dance lessons that are near to their home. You need to make a whole list of the dance schools in your locality and then compare the lessons offered by the various clubs and studios. You can also narrow down your options related to the best lessons in your locality.

Check Your Budget, Time, and Benefits from the Lesson:

One of the major benefits of good dancing lessons is that they increase the confidence level of the learner. The ideal classes also reduce the fear of performing amid in the crowd. If the dance class provides you an atmosphere similar to the stage in front of audience, you can somehow learn how to bring out the potential from the shell. This will also help you to perform without any hitches. You should also check out your budget and available time before joining the class.
Quality of the Instructors:

The quality of the instructions offered at the dance class is also very significant. It helps the enthusiast to get the best deal of the dance lessons. To get benefited from the dance class you should search for an instructor who is professional enough to bring out the best from you.

Jul 092016

music events in classical periodClassic music is a primordia music genre which is normally categorized by many people nowadays. Although, classic music is scarcely the choice of music for events nowadays and can offer much as a whole and as a group. If your company is preparing to have a huge event, here is some advice to help you understand how you can use classical and lyrical music that guarantees a successful, elegant and memorable event. Many people think today that classical music is only for weddings ceremonies or receptions. In the past plenty of music events were composed for small or big celebrations. The most popular sample is Handel’s Water music as well as the Music for the Royal Fireworks. Beethoven placed piano at a political conference. The same live music entertainment you can use today for any kind of event or party. Special Events, Concerts, Corporate events, Musical shows, Private Parties, seminaries, Parties of gala diners, Conventions, Congress, Fashion shows, Dinners-concerts and Weddings.

Classique’s versatility and extensive repertoire make classical music the ideal choice for any occasion. Music events can comprise of music from romanticism to modern music and from baroque to classicism. Music events that comprise of classical and lyrical music can be an improved with passé outfits to take people in an unforgettable music world and convert each concert in a magical event. There are many sizes and types to choose from. It can range from solo performances to chamber groups to orchestra performances. If you have a piano in your house or other venue, why not offer your guests a special musical entertainment. The lenient contributory sounds of classic music like the piano, violin and flute are pleasing to the ear. All instruments are available, in many combinations. And here are some examples:
1. Solos: pianist, harpist
2. Duos: duo of harps, guitar-singing
3. Trios: piano-soprano-baritone
4. Quintets: Baroque Quintet, 2 violins viola contrabass violoncello-soprano- tenor
5. Chamber Orchestras: 9 musicians and 4 singers
6. Symphonic Orchestras: 20 musicians, soprano and tenor.

Available space is good to consider for all group affairs. Obviously, large rooms are needed for large orchestra, while smaller rooms have space for fewer musicians when conducting music events. With the newly acquired information, experienced musicians will always prefer to go with a room with a stage rather than just placing the musicians on the same level as attendees. Having the musicians on a stage allows them to be seen by everyone even by the people in back.

Jun 052016

adult-class-4Ballet is one of the classic dances that dated back to 1500s. it has endured centuries and up until to this day, ballet has become part of our society as one of the most beautiful kind of expressing ourselves through our body.
Taking ballet classes normally start between the age of five and seven because during this time, a child’s body is still soft which makes it easier for them to adjust and follow the gymnastic steps of ballet. However, others have decided to take up ballet in a late age because  they discovered their passion in a later time of their lives. Due to their age, most of them are discouraged thinking that ballet is only best learned during childhood.
If you’re thinking of taking ballet in a late age, you have come to the right place. The tips that you’ll see below will help you in taking that step to get you on your way to become a prima ballerina.

First, look for a class.
You might be very excited to wear your ballet shoes and dance around tip- toed but you need first to find a studio to have formal lessons and proper training. Also, the studio will be a perfect venue for you to practice and the guidance of your instructor will definitely help in achieving the perfect poses.
When searching for a specific class, it’ll be easier to consult our friend, Google. You can easily find ballet classes around your town or city. Some ballet classes have titles such as “beginner’s ballet”, “ballet 101” and the like. It’s better to take on those cues and take a class in a specific. If it turns out that you don’t like a specific school or instructor, don’t lose heart. There are a lot of schools that are offering ballet classes. Just keep in mind that having one instructor for the whole ballet course is much better as he /she will be able to get to know you better and assist you better.

Prepare your ballet clothes

Just like what the saying goes, “being prepared is half the battle” so be prepared with the right clothing and shoes for your ballet class. For children, it’s easier as their schools are already providing the uniform for the classes but as for adults, instructors are quite lenient as long as it still suits the environment and the ballet moves that you’ll be doing.
Other dance shops can help you get a complete set of ballet clothing that you’ll be needing. You can ask for their advice or you can research on your own which clothes will best suit your body comfortably.

Get ready for this first formal leap
After all the preparation, you’re first class is just right around the corner. You might think that trying out some ballet moves will be better than to come to class with no idea at all. Wrong.
Though it’s okay and nice to watch some ballet shows, it’s better not to try it on your own. Since you’re lacking the proper knowledge on how to do a certain pose, you might end up injuring yourself and worse, you’ll not be able to take that class after all. Keep your pre- class movements to light stretching and warm- up routine.


Attend the First class
It’s important that you arrive at your class early. You don’t want to tire yourself on your way to the class just because you’re running out of time, do you? Also, you might need to find your room first and getting there late will surely put you in a bad start.
You don’t have to worry about competition as adult ballet class tend to more friendly. In taking a spot in a barre, don’t forget to be polite and ask first if a certain is spot is already taken. Some of the learners are using the same barre spot so it’s better to ask first to avoid invading their place.

The most important of all is have fun! Ballet dancing is a graceful act of expressing one’s self and expressing yourself should not feel like a chore.

Do you have any tips that you can share for ballet beginners? Sound your thoughts in the comments below!

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